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29.09.2017 New caftan in

* Vikings

Cersei's blue-green-golden dress of Game of Thrones of

* House Lannister

02.08.2017 Two new wizard-outfits in

* Fantasy and LARP

New noble lady's costume in

* Fantasy und LARP

10.05.2017 New costume "Sun-Priest" in

* Fantasy and LARP

08.02.2017 New costume "Bird" in
* Carnival Costumes

08.02.2017 New pair of Carnival's Prince and Princess Costumes, who now get their own category:
* Karnevalsprinz

Tudor dress in
* Renaissance

Tudor Doublet in
* Renaissance

Tudor waistcoat in
* Renaissance

23.11.2016 A Men's Cotehardie in
* Late Middle Ages

New Prince Carnival costume:
* Carnival Costumes

20.08.2016 Some new things for the
* Viking lady

In Game of Thrones a more medieval version of
* Ned Stark

and the
* Viking men

A new wizard coat in

* Fantasy und LARP

29.04.16 New pair of Prince and Princess in Carnival Costumes:
* Karnevalsprinzenpaar

Some new clothes for the
* Female Vikings

Some new stuff in
* Fantasy and LARP

And for the
* Male Vikings

13.03.15 At last I've managed to take some pictures of my ready sewn dresses which you can otherwise only find and buy at my booth on medieval markets.

You can find these in my

13.03.15 New in Carnival Costumes
* Prince and Princess

New Category:
* 50ies and Rockabilly

02.12.13 New pictures in Late Middle Ages of:
* Gown 8

New in Renaissance - Men's Clothing
* Doublet

* Cyclas - Sleeveless outer garment

11.11.13 New pictures of:
* Hobbit-Dresses

* Arwen´s Blue-Silver Velvet Gown

08.11.13 New in Fantasy and LARP:
* Wizard

* Wizard´s Cloak

08.11.13 New in "Game of Thrones":
* Catelyn Stark´s Mourning Gown

08.11.13 New pictures of:
* Daenerys Targaryen

* Cersei Lannister

* Ser Jorah Mormont

12.10.12 New category "Game of Thrones" in Movie Costumes with
* House Stark

* House Targaryen

* House Lannister


04.02.12 New pictures of:
* Eowyn´s Shieldmaiden Outfit


* Eowyn´s white dress with brown bodice


03.02.12 Yes, I'm still alive... ;-)
Some new pictures of:
* Haldir´s Lothlorien Outfit


* Gandalf the White


12.04.11 Our Events in 2011:
* Events 2011


22.11.10 New pictures in:
* Fantasy


* 15. Jahrhundert


16.11.10 New Category

Tablet Weaving Borders

New pictures in:
* Vikings


15.11.10 New Category Carnival Costumes with Subcategories
* Children´s Costumes

New in Bridal- and Evening Gowns:
* Ball Gown "Vampire"

* Costumes for Grownups

  * Bridal Dress "Nadine"


06.03.10 New in Juggler:
* Juggler / Jester